Pro360 Services: Play Poker online for chance at $250,000 televised tournament

Pro360 Services Play Poker online for chance at 250 000 televised tournament

Online casino gamblers listen up. UltimateBet is offering its online casino poker players a chance to play on television. The online casino is promoting an online poker contest where six winners will qualify each week, for six weeks, to play poker at a televised tournament hosted in LA. The weekly winners of the online casino tournament will be flown to LA and placed at a final shoot-out table. Then, each of the weekly TV tourney winners will play at the finale for $200,000.

The distinctive aspect of this contest is that contestants start out playing at an online casino, not at a land casino. Even better, anyone can qualify. Players just have to qualify at one of the free planned tournaments online that are offered almost 50 times a week. In Los Angeles, a series of six tournaments, will be televised country-wide on Fox Sports Net starting Saturday, June 18 at 11PM. The weekly series will give away ten grand. Then, the last event will be for the $200, 000 winner take all game held on July 23rd.

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