NetPlay TV Announces Partnership with Turner Media

NetPlay TV Announces Partnership with Turner Media

Following hard on the heels of the of the partnership agreement, NetPlay TV has already commenced broadcasting its live TV Supercasino formats including both Live Roulette and Live BlackJack on the Nuts TV Channel on both Sky guide 207 and Freeview channel 42.

Damon Letzer, Commercial Director at Turner Media Innovations said, “This is an exciting deal which will develop our gaming strategy on Nuts TV and we’re delighted that NetPlay are on board. We’re confident Supercasino will offer a strong viewer experience, which is important as we continue to grow our TV audience.”

The Chairman and Chief Executive of NetPlay TV plc, Martin Higginson, commented: “We are delighted to be working with Turner Media Innovations. Nuts TV Channel is a good match in terms of audience for our casino products, and we believe will prove an excellent destination for us as we migrate our products into the Super Casino¬† brand.”

Strategy Advantage of Online Gambling

A major advantage that internet gamblers have over players in a land-based casino is that strategy skills can be exercised in a broader range. What I mean by this is that players have more free reign to use strategic tools.

Some of these may include counting out loud, consulting strategy charts, and even taking quick breaks to research a particular rule or course of action to take. If you are gambling online (and are new to a particular game, or use a consuming strategy), it would be senseless to not use all you can to help in winning.

And while some gamblers might say that outside resources will only get in the way, and that casino gambling is always going to be a game of chance no matter what you do, having some kind of safety plan or customized strategy is not going to do more harm than good.

A good course of action would be to research the proven strategy for your game of choice. Print off any charts or applicable tips. It is also a good idea to summarize your basic strategy into pointers and print these off as well. Some gamblers even go so far as to cut out their tips on little strips of paper that can then be taped to the outer edges of their computer screen.