Malta not yet the place for Richardson

Malta not yet the place for Richardson

Because Chartwell Games is reported as being about to move its primary European marketing office to Malta in the Mediterranean Sea, Richardson informed this week eGaming Review that at this juncture he is not ready to relocate from the UK.

Richardson has emphasized that he is leaving the company under harmonious circumstances, and he also revealed that he is still one of the major company stockholders and that he is proud of his achievements at Chartwell. Richardson is reported as being about to announce his future plans in the near future.

In the case of Richardson we have the second example of a senior industry executive who has decided to not make an international move. The other case of this is with Lewis Rose who is the CEO of Cryptologic who also found himself to be in a similar situation at the time that his company mad the decision to relocate its head office from Toronto to Dublin, Ireland. He also resigned making room for Javaid Aziz to takeover his position, which occurred earlier this year.

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