Freeroll Poker Rules

 Freeroll Poker Rules

$134, 253 jackpot pocket by an Online Player

The Slotland progressive jackpot, for the third month consecutively, has been struck with a six digit sum, accumulating the overall jackpot wins for the fall at the Internet slots and video poker site to 411,260 dollars – a significant sum. Minlonime, is the latest participant to hit the gold mine at Slotland and take home 134,253 dollars when on October 23 he played the favorite Golden 8 slot machine.

In August a progressive hit of one hundred and sixty eight thousand dollars jackpot was won at the beginning of the three months in a series. According to Ondrej Tuma of Slotland, the chance character of slot wins shows how weird it occasionally occurs. All through the summer no jackpot is hit, and then suddenly in a row, one after the other.

Playing the Jacks or Better video slot, Msmikey struck one hundred and eight thousand and sixty dollars in September. Playing the Treasure Box, Mrssmiths had just struck twice this year one hundred and sixty eight thousand nine hundred and forty seven dollars; and one hundred and ninety five thousand and eight three dollars was won last March at Texasteaser, the largest Slotland jackpot ever hit on this machine.

Freeroll Poker Rules

These rules are laid out in more detail and can be found in the corresponding chapters for the associated poker variations in the navigation fields on this website.

For this page, we will provide a general overview of these rules that apply to Texas Hold’em. The games start with players posting blinds or place bets before any cards are dealt. After the blinds, the pocket cards are dealt face down to each player. The first round of betting commences after the first deal.

Next, three flop cards are dealt face up in the middle of the table and are community cards to be used by all players.

  • The second round of betting starts here
  • The turn card is then dealt face up.
  • This is the fourth community card.
  • The next round of betting occurs
  • The River card is then dealt face up which is the fifth and final community card
  • The last round of betting is done here
  • The showdown is where the winner is determined

Other variations of poker are played at Freeroll Tournaments and their rules differ slightly. See the individual game pages for more details.